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Law & Liberty

Digitizing's Downside

On the negative effects of the permanence of electronic documents on criminal sentences and liberty.

Islam in America

A comparison of Laïcité and Disestablishmentarianism with an emphasis on how it impacts the assimilation of Muslims and the social acceptance of Islam in both countries.

A Gambit Worth Taking

Rebuttal of pro-Putin arguments over Ukrainian annexation.

Recovering a State Legal Theory

A response​ to the James Wilson Institute Symposium at Law & Liberty about applying natural law as a legal theory for state police powers.

Islam's Lessons for Liberalism

A review of Mustafa Akyol's Reopening Muslim Minds including a discussion of the relationship between Islamic political thought and Catholic integralism.

Aiming at Ordered Liberty

What is the telos of the American regime? Many people argue the common good. The truth is ordered liberty.

A Law of the People

Many say the Common Law is dead, yet it lives all around us if we just look beyond the confines of elite legal debate.

Puncturing the "Violent Islam" Trope

Islam is frequently called a religion of violence, myopically focusing on a few and the cost of many. What if we did the same to Christianity? Is nothing more than a "death cult"?

Feeling the Polyamorous Love?

How the emotional discipline of polyamory (and such emotional disciplines in general) kill the self.


ISIS: The Taint of Murji’ism and the Curse of Hypocrisy

A peer-reviewed article examining the origins of the term Murji'i and its use in the Islamic State's propaganda.


Islamic Law Is Alive and Well in the US

A discussion of Islamic law in the US

War on the Rocks

Refugees and the Islamic State's Colonization Strategy

How IS used terror and relocation in an attempt to engage in social engineering and shape the Levant to their state.

The Strategy Bridge

Hybrid War and What to Do About It

Hybrid War is old wine in new bottles and American strategic thinking, combined with boldness, hold the key to its defeat.

Hungry Like the Wolf

What if Putin brought hybrid war to the conflicts of Latin America?

Public Discourse

There's More to Graduate School than Careerism

Suggestions to a young conservative thinking about entering the academy and how to navigate graduate school in a principled way.

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