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Jeffrey Bristol: Anthropologist. Lawyer. Military Officer.

Welcome to my site. I am an independent scholar with a diverse professional and intellectual background. I practice law as a litigator. I have served my country as both a soldier and a Naval officer. I conduct research as an anthropologist specializing in Islamic Studies. I enjoy writing, both for the public and for myself. 

My popular writing runs the gamut from policy and military essays to cultural criticism. I am especially interested in general anthropological theory; the culture and history of the Islamic world; as well as legal and political philosophy, especially as applied to American life.

In my personal writing I pursue literary interests; primarily poetry and translations (though I write some prose). Samples of these efforts are available on this site.

I am also an avid sportsman. I box, row and play squash regularly. I enjoy tennis and skiing (both downhill as well as cross-country) more infrequently.

I hold an AA in Persian-Farsi from the Defense Language Institute; a BA in History/Anthropology/Languages from the now-defunct Marlboro College; an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago; a JD from the University of Michigan Law School and a PhD in Anthropology from Boston University.

In closing, I must say that all the thoughts and opinions found on this website or in any articles linked therein are my own. They do not represent any organization with which I may be affiliated.

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