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Smetti di girare sempre in tondo
Le parole dolci delle susurrando
Parla forte se vuoi farti sentire
Ma non alzare d’aver perso la Speranza
Bussa alla porta della mia stanza.


A volte sei forte, alter mesto
A volte sei stanco, alter desto
A volte impaviado, nulla può fermarti
A volte basta una parole a disarmarti
A volte anche il sole più cocente ti raggela
A volte cerchi appiglio in una ragnatela.


-Rolf-Dieter Melis

Stop spinning always round.
Tell her sweet words: whisper sound.
Speak strong if you want your feelings felt
But don’t raise your voice to leave a welt.
If you feel your hope is fallen
Knock and my door shall open.


Once strong now melancholic
Once wan now apt to frolic
Once fearless, nothing can stop you
Once a word is enough to disarm you
Once the sun scorches but you freeze
Once you circle foot-fixed, spiderweb seized.


*             *             *



Qui il traffico oscilla
sospeso alla luce
dei semafori quieti.


Io vengo in parte
ove s’infolta la città
e un fiato d’alti forni la trafuga.


Chiedo al cuore una voce, mi sovrasta
un assiduo rumo
di fabbriche fonde, di magli.

E il tempo piega all’inverno.
Io batto le strade
che ai giorni delle volpi gentili
autunno di feltri verdi fioriva,
i viali celesti al dopopioggia.


Al segno di luce si libera il passo
e indugia l’anno, su queste contrade.
S’illumina a uno svolto un effimero sole,
un cespo di mimose
nella bianchissima nebbia.


-Vittorio Sereni




How the traffic flows
To be suspended by the beam
Of a quiet stoplight.


To a street I come
Where the city’s air thickens
And yet rises on the breath of buildings’ heat.


To my heart I turn to ask a silent question
Yet an outside voice drowns it,
A persistent noise
Of deep factories,
And descending hammers.


I beat along the streets
While enfolding time begins its winter embrace
Over days where the genteel foxes
Bloom autumn green felt
Along sky-cloud avenues after the rain.


As the light’s relenting signal frees the passing footsteps
The year lingers over these boulevards,
The ephemeral sun shining on a curve,
On a tuft of dandelions,
In the silver-whitening fog.

*             *             *


Il silenzio prende appunti
sul nostro corpo.
La primavera è lontana.
La tua bocca
è una rondina in lutto


-Franco Arminio


Silence makes it mark
on our body.
Spring lies far-off.
Your mouth
is a swallow in mourning.

*             *             *

Un soneto a Cervantes

Horas de pesadumbre y de tristeza
paso en mi soledad. Pero Cervantes
es buen amigo. Endulza mis instantes
ásperos, y reposa mi cabeza.

Él es la vida y la naturaleza,
regala un yelmo de oros y diamantes
a mis sueños errantes.
Es para mí: suspira, ríe y reza.

Cristiano y amoroso y caballero
parla como un arroyo cristalino.
¡Así le admiro y quiero,

viendo cómo el destino
hace que regocije al mundo entero
la tristeza inmortal de ser divino!


-Rubén Darío

A Sonnet to Cervantes

Hours of anxiety and sadness

Pass in my solitude. But Cervantes

Is a good friend. He sweetens my moments 

Rough, and my brain relaxes.

He is life and its natures,

He gifts a helmet of gold and diamonds

To my dreaming errants.

He is to me: He sighs, he laughs, he recites

Christian, Knight and lover,

He speaks like a crystal river.

How I love him and admire!

Coming like destiny to conquor

He causes  the world to rejoice all over

For being divine, the sadness to live forever!

*             *             *

Echo and I

Eco, divina y desnuda

como el diamante del agua,

mi musa estos versos fragua

y necesita tu ayuda,

pues, sola, peligros teme, 


Tuve en momentos distantes,


que amar los dulce cabellos


de la ilusión que primera


en mi alcázar andaluz


en mi palacio de moro


en mi mansión dolorosa


Se apagó como una estrella


Deja, pues, que me contriste


¡Se fue el instante opotuno!


¿Por qué, si era yo suave


que sobre el haz de la tierra


y el reposo de la rama


Guióme por varios senderos


mas no se portó tan bien


esquivarme los risueños


que hubieran dado a mi vida


menos crueles mordeduras


Mas hoy el duelo aún me acosa


¡Osar, si el dolor revuela!


Tu voz ya no me convence


¡La suerte errar me demanda!


Mas de ilusión las simientes...


¿Y ante la desesperanza?


Y hacia el vasto porvenir


Tu acento es bravo, aunque seco,


Sigo, pues, mi rumbo  errante


los ojos de las rosadas


Gusté de Amor hidromieles


probé de Horacio divino,


entretejí en mis delirios


Lo fatal con sus ardientes


apretó mi conmovida


mas me libró en toda parte


Lista está a partir mi barca


do va mi gala suprema.


Un blando mar se consigue.


La aurora rosas reparte.


¡Y a la ola que te admira


y a la sirena que encanta


-Rubén Darío

Echo and I

Echo, naked and divine,

Like a diamond from a river-mine,

My muse forges these lines,

And needs your design.

Alone she fears the danger...

I am here!

I had in moments afar…

And before,

Loved the sweet, fair...


That at first vision…

had been:

In my Andalusian stronghold…


In my Spanish castle-heights…


In my painful mansion… 

A carnelian.

She twinkled afar… 

A star.

Now she's gone, I harrow… 

To the marrow!

She left when it was easiest… 

An opportunist!

Why am I not untethered… 

A bird

Who over the face of the world…


And the repose of boughs…


Cupid guided me away…

Down highways,

But he did not lead as good…

as he could.

He avoided the beams…

Of my dreams

That would have given my existence…

a distance

without cruel, strains…

Of pain.

But now, wounds my body tear…


Dare? For the pain to come back by?


Your voice could be surer…


Failing luck haunts me so!


But the seeds of illusion…


And before the hopelessness?


And to the limitless future? 

Go further.

Your tongue is brave, though weakening.


I follow, then, my course, wandering…


The eyes of the enchanting poses


I tasted Love’s honey-waters,


I tried Horace’s divine,


I wove in my delusions,


Fate with his ardent


Fixed on my unquiet


But he freed in all ways,

My art.

My boat is ready to leave,

The vessel

Which goes to my ultimate feast.


A docile sea is met.


The pink dawn spreads itself.


And to the wave that regards you?


And to the siren who loves?

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